Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chewing Aspirin Effective For Heart Attack

chew aspirin image

Aspirin is one of the drugs applied in handling of heart attacks. Aspirin is applied commonly directly ingested in aspirin tablets. But, researchers from the University of California, San Diego, found that chew aspirin absorbed more rapidly and more effectively compared with standard aspirin that immediately swallowed or chewed first and then swallowed. The discovery of this is easy, further research is expected to improve treatment of heart attack patients.

In this study, Sean Nordt and his friends involved 14 patients aged between 20 and 61 years. 13 of the participants were male with an average age of 31. Throughout the study, each participant was given as much as 1950 milligrams of aspirin (equivalent to 6 regular aspirin tablets.)

These patients were divided up into 3 groups and all group given another type of aspirin. One group was given ordinary solid aspirin tablets and patients are asked to swallow the whole pill. The second group is given a solid regular aspirin tablet, but patients were required to chewing before swallowing. Third of group applied chewable aspirin tablets, and ingestion done while chewing.

Next, the investigators calculated levels of aspirin in the blood. According to the research, chewable aspirin systematically expressed the greatest absorption grade and the fastest. "These findings confirm the recommendation to apply aspirin chewable tablet formulation in dealing with acute coronary thrombosis syndrome," explained the investigator. Acute coronary syndrome is the medical term for heart attack.

Existing guidelines, Tarng, recommends that heart attack patients given aspirin tablets. Patients were asked to chew the tablet prior to swallowing to accelerate the influence of anti-coagulation of blood therein.

Aspirin works within 15 minutes to prevent the formation of blood clotting in person who have arterial sclerosis. One adult aspirin tab has 325 mg dose. This report recommends the use of 325 mg chewable aspirin for heart attacks or chest pain that happens. However, additional research, if the chewable tablets are not yet available, the patient can chew regular aspirin tablets before swallowing.