Saturday, March 12, 2011

What is Cause of Diabetes ?

diabetes mellitus picture Diabetes mellitus is a disease caused by disorders due to high blood sugar levels. The cause of diabetes is mostly due to genetics, immunology, or environmental systems.

Diabetes is a hereditary disease. If your father or your mother has a genetic disease then it will be transform to you as their children. Even if your father and mother that do not have diabetes but you had diabetes, it possible happen because of your grandmother is diabetic. When you was a toddler, it would not appear that you suffered from diabetes.

Because environmental factors that support for using the wrong diet then people can get diabetes. In general, people with diabetes can be seen in individual who have signs and symptoms such as eating a lot or often feel hungry, drink a lot because it often feels thirsty, frequent drowsiness, frequent urination and often get lazy because he or she always feel weak.

Diabetes is not only caused by hereditary factors alone. Diabetes can also attack the people who have a weak immunological system. The cause of diabetes is most supportive of this disease are foods that contain high sugar levels. Foods that are not controlled so that the resulting blood sugar levels to rise. The disease is not contagious. However, if the disease is left untreated it would be fatal for diabetics. Complications of diabetes are blindness, heart disorders and hypertension.

Treatment for Diabetes mellitus is a set pattern of eating a low sugar content. To prevents, we can follow the way of dining with a menu of foods low in sugar content. Foods that have high sugar levels lead anyone to become one of the people with this disease. Therefore there is no other way we better  prevent than treat it.